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Some ideas on facing the current threat of Ebola

virus1Ebola, how that word is now dominating every news broadcast.

Truly it has the power to instill a chilling fear into our hearts.

My own views,perhaps controversial, are that, not enough has been done and still not enough is being done.

We have the technology, the ability in the Western world to provide enough protective equipment, to provide the necessary to contain the virus.

I cannot understand how flights from affected areas are not being scrutinised much more thoroughly.Currently people’s temperature s are being taken and they are asked to fill out questionnaires.

Personally I would halt, temporarily, all outgoing flights from affected Countries.

This is the first case of Ebola travelling across Continents and Countries.

On a more proactive and positive note, there are measures we, as individuals can take.

What the Governments do, unfortunately is somewhat outside our control.

As a virus, Ebola has been shown to be killed by Ultraviolet light.Light from the sun has the potential to stop this in it’s tracks.

There is the technology in the US, a machine which emits Ultraviolet light and can be used to clean the rooms where Ebola victims can he held.

collodialsilverAnother promising aid is Colloidal silver.It has been shown to attack the very energy mechanism of a virus.

Boosting our immune system provides us with the best defence we can take at this point.Herbs such as cayenne pepper, root ginger,cinnamon,cloves, Pau d’arco and Aloe vera are extremely beneficial.

Washing our hands and being careful about touching surfaces are also measures we can take.

I truly hope that this virus can be contained. Empower yourself and protect yourself as best you can.

Thoughts are with Ebola victims and families of those affected.

A short comment about who I am

Summer-happiness-photoHello everyone and Welcome.

Truly, I  greatly appreciate you all taking the time to read my articles.

I have received many positive comments and thank you all for those comments.

My promise to you is that I will strive to keep the topics interesting and hopefully with a dash of humour.

I love to write and this is the perfect medium for me to combine a love of health with a love of writing.

To do what you enjoy is not a chore, it feeds your spirit and drives you forward to ultimate happiness.

Love and blessings to you all.

Foods to have in your cupboard.

There are foods out there nowadays which have reached Superfood status.  I am going to compile a list of foods which I couldn’t live without and which I feel give superb nutritional support to our bodies.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but nonetheless hopefully helpful.

apple cidervinegarApple cider vinegar- This tangy addition to foods has a whole host of benefits, perhaps unheard of.  Taking this product helps maintain an alkaline PH in the body. The body tends towards a healthier state when alkaline.

It is said to help detoxify the liver. It has natural enzymes which can combat candida,which is an overgrowth of yeast in the body.

I always like to add a dash to any stews or risotto dishes.  Can also help with maintaining balanced stomach acid levels.

Barleygrass/Wheatgrass–  Weight for weight, these are very densely nutrient rich foods. They are majorly rich in chlorophyll, which is high in magnesium. They also have digestive enzymes which can  help manage indigestible and toxic elements in food, such as heavy metals.  They have anti inflammatory properties.  You only need as much as half a teaspoon daily, mixed in a  small amount of filtered water.

barleygrassMSM/Epsom salts–  These are the same thing under different titles. MSM is basically Magnesium Sulfate, which is a mixture of Magnesium and Sulfur. Both of these minerals are extremely important in our diets.  Magnesium is highly alkalizing, helps calm nerve function, helps balance out depressionMagnesium strengthens the ability of the body to counteract conditions such as Chronic Fatigue and arthritis. Sulfur is also alkalizing.  Through taking a half teaspoon daily, we meet our requirements for both minerals.

Almond butter/cashew butter–  Nut butters which are unrefined and cold pressed are a wonderful  alternative to ordinary butter. They offer the benefits of providing minerals such as selenium and magnesium as well as Vitamin E. You get the benefits of the nut’s qualities.  Almond is said to alleviate coughs, lubricate the intestines and help  with lung conditions.

shitake mushroomShitake mushrooms- These mushrooms have been given a lot of praise. They have been said to have anti cancer benefits, stimulating the immune system. I think they are a great addition to stews, they add a filling element to the foods and are very tasty.

Coldpressed Coconut oil-  Coconut oil is a phenomenal substance.  Taken internally it apparently feeds the ketones in the brain.It has been shown to help with weight loss. It enhances immune function. It is one of few safe oils with which to cook with.  It can basically be used all over the body and can assist in gum health, youthful skin and shiny hair.


I couldn’t live without these magnificent products. Taking them makes me feel I am giving my body the best of foods.



Tasty foods fit for your skin

natural skincareWhen we eat our foods, our skin is very often the last organ to receive the nutrients.  Other organs are seen as more critically in need of the nourishment.

Knowing that fact, it makes sense to nourish our skin directly.

I truly feel we can obtain unbelievable nourishment from a rainbow of foods.

I am going to list a few recipes for different skin enhancing formulas.

Frankorose skin oil-50ml

Sesame seed oil     –      20ml                 Carrot oil-       3ml                    Frankincense Oil-2ml 

Apricot kernal oil–        10ml                 Rose hip oil–   3ml

Extra virgin Olive oil   10ml                  Lavender oil–   2ml


Fill a 50ml glass bottle with this.  This oil is so nourishing.

Carrot oil provides skin with Beta Carotene, Vitamin E.  Frankincense oil is rejuvenating for skin, particularly sensitive/older skin.  Rose hip oil also evens skin tone, is rich in Essential fatty acids.  Lavender oil calms sensitive skin.


Rosehip and Lavender toner

Soak Rose petals in filtered water for up to 3-5 days in airtight container(glass if possible).

Pour water from this into a 100ml glass bottle.  Also put 5-10 drops of Lavender oil in bottle.

This produces a fantastic toner you can use on newly washed skin prior to application of Oil.


Green clay and herbal skin purifier

Mix 1 teaspoon of Green clay and 1 teaspoon of dried burdock root(optional)

Add two drops of lemon juice and enough filtered water to make your desired consistency.

Apply to clean skin and keep on skin for 10-20 mins.

Unveil clean, clear and purified skin.


Soothing eye gel

2 teaspoons peeled and grated cucumber

1 teaspoon honey

If you combine ingredients to form a paste.

Apply over and around closed eyes.  Leave for 10 mins and then rinse with cool , filtered water.


These recipes are only examples, you can mix and match ingredients as you so desire.

It is so simple and fulfilling making your own products.  I do it all the time and love it.




Time seems to be ticking awfully fast

Do you find people saying a lot lately that time seems to be going particularly fast?

I do and often comment upon this myself.

Is time going faster or what is happening?

Time_Keeps_Ticking_Away_by_DeviantVickyI am afraid I don’t have a scientific answer for that.  I know I, for one, want to make the most of that precious time.

What can we all do to try to get the most from our time?

I think setting written goals and plans can be really helpful.  If we particularly want to do something but feel we never have the time, putting it into our plan, prioritizes it.  Makes it real, puts it forefront in our minds

Are we at everyone else’s beck and call? Maybe we don’t feel we have time to do anything for ourselves?

I would recommend truly thinking about what makes you happy?

It doesn’t have to be big, bold, whatever gets that smile to cross your face, plan it into your schedule.

It isn’t selfish to do things for yourself, particularly Mothers can have that guilt complex.  If you aren’t in a happy place, you can’t spread that happiness, you will instead spread anger and resentment.

If you feed that joy within and saturate your mind with happy experiences, you are making time your friend.

Follow your happiness!

My love affair with Dance

From a child I have the distinct recollection of getting my tape recorder, yes we had those in the 80’s, and getting my Madonna albums, dancing my heart out.

It always felt right, flowing and in essence the epitomy of self expression.

danceThere are many dance types out there and I have tried many, Salsa, Hip Hop,Irish, Contemporary,Belly dancing, Bollywood, even African.

To dance is to create, to fall in sync with the music and become one with it.  Intertwined, you feast upon the energy that pumps through your veins.

It is much more than exercise, although of course it can work every muscle in the body, toning muscles you didn’t know existed.

I had the privilege to be part of an ensemble of Bollywood dancers who danced at the Opening Ceremony for the World Police and fire Games in 2013.  We practiced for about two months and had a four minute piece on stage.  I can truthfully say, the euphoria was amazing, it was an momentous occasion in my life.

I know this love of Dance is part of who I am.  Dance invokes in me a power and a strength I rarely see or get elsewhere.

Dance is distinct to you.  In my mind there is no right or wrong in dance, merely an opportunity to taste absolute freedom.

There’s something in the air and it smells kind of toxic

toxicOutside pollution we have very little control over.

One area we have complete control over is what we use in our homes.  It has been said that our homes can be the most toxic place and that is mainly down to the products which we use around the house.

Those sweet smelling air purifiers, that tangy lemon surface cleaner.  Sure what harm can they do?

A lot.

If I could say anything to people I would say, please stop using that stuff.

Get back to what our Grandparents and Great Grandparents used. Things like lemon juice, vinegar, Bicarbonate of Soda.

I hear you say ‘but that doesn’t clean properly’

There comes a time when we need to ask, should clean be the only and main objective here.  Should we not consider all those absolutely toxic, hormone mimicking chemicals being unleashed into our breathing space?

What we breathe in and what we put on our skin all goes inside our bodies and we truly don’t even fully know the devastation that can result in. If we are choosing to literally negatively impact upon our health through choosing these products.

We have absolute choice in this.  Think of your health and begin using those natural cleaners?

Your body and health will thank you for it.


Herbs v drugs, our current Health care system.

Herbs v drugs, our current Health care system.

herbs-drugs-medWow, this is a huge topic and one I will happily get my teeth into.

Herbs can be traced back to ancient times, some say even as far back as 60,000 years. Many traditions and cultures have utilized their medicinal qualities and kept records attesting to this.

The use of drugs however is a more recent venture, having come into existence in the 19th Century or thereabouts.

In many cases a drug, for example aspirin, is derived from a herb, in this case Willow  A drug is an element of that herb, supposedly the active ingredient in the mix.  However, there is an innate intelligence within  nature.  The whole herb carries within it aspects which, when removed, result in the often found ‘Side effects’, found in the average drug.  In essence, the herb buffers those side effects from existing. Ordinarily, when consumption of the herb is kept to the recommended amount, there are few, if any, side effects.

Could I ask a question then, why are drugs the preferred choice and herbs seen as the poor relation?

Simply put, it boils down to the power and persuasion of the Drug Industry.

A herb simply can not be patented.  No patent, no money, simple as….

For every ail there is a drug and in my mind there is also a far safer, more effective herb.

My main problem is this, why shouldn’t we, the consumer have the right to choose?

We pay for our health care through our National Insurance, why then should our health care be dictated to us?

I dream of the day when we go and can choose whether we see a doctor or a Naturopath, we choose whether we want to be treated with drugs or with herbs.

As it stands we have to pay out of our pockets for anything which is not condoned by our health care system, I would love to see this change.

I am not dismissing the important role of Doctors and Nurses, I am merely advocating a new system of Health care,

Who was Rene Caisse?

Many believe Rene Caisse (pronounced “reen case”) is one of the greater heroines of the past century.

This modest Canadian nurse discovered a natural herbal formula she took no money for it and died in relative obscurity.

Rene didn’t feel herself a writer so she never wrote an autobiography. She did, however, write a series of articles entitled “I Was Canada’s Cancer Nurse” which was published in the seventies with Bracebridge Examiner. Additionally, a collection of her writing and interviews was published posthumously in the Bracebridge Examiner.

She wrote a brief biography of her family and their settlement in Bracebridge, which you can read in her own words (click here).

A Great Discovery

In the 1920s Rene encountered a prospector’s wife who survived breast cancer. She tells it here in her own words (click here).

It Looked Encouraging

The initial use of Essiac was encouraging, so much so that a group of doctors assisted her in setting up a test lab and clinic in Toronto. She tells it again here in her own words (click here)

The Bracebridge Clinic

She was invited by the Bracebridge Town Council to open her clinic in the old British Lion Hotel. Her lease payment, as stipulated by the Council, was $1 per month. It was here she ran her clinic from 1934 to 1942. She tells us in her own words (click here).

Challenging the Establishment

Even before she opened the clinic, the medical establishment viewed her with skepticism. With the clinic now open, the full weight of the establishment unrelentingly bore down on her for years to come. Her own words: click here.

A Requiem for Rene

Rene Caisse passed from this world on the day after Christmas, 1978, at 90 years of age. This obituary was published for her in the Bracebridge Examiner, click here to view.


Dr. Joel Fuhrman: Improving Your Health through a Plant-Based Diet

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