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There’s something in the air and it smells kind of toxic

toxicOutside pollution we have very little control over.

One area we have complete control over is what we use in our homes.  It has been said that our homes can be the most toxic place and that is mainly down to the products which we use around the house.

Those sweet smelling air purifiers, that tangy lemon surface cleaner.  Sure what harm can they do?

A lot.

If I could say anything to people I would say, please stop using that stuff.

Get back to what our Grandparents and Great Grandparents used. Things like lemon juice, vinegar, Bicarbonate of Soda.

I hear you say ‘but that doesn’t clean properly’

There comes a time when we need to ask, should clean be the only and main objective here.  Should we not consider all those absolutely toxic, hormone mimicking chemicals being unleashed into our breathing space?

What we breathe in and what we put on our skin all goes inside our bodies and we truly don’t even fully know the devastation that can result in. If we are choosing to literally negatively impact upon our health through choosing these products.

We have absolute choice in this.  Think of your health and begin using those natural cleaners?

Your body and health will thank you for it.


Shifting use from Plastic to Glass, a shift too far?

drowning-in-plasticWe are literally bombarded with plastic packaging. Even foods which seemingly wouldn’t require it, such as Bananas with their natural packaging, are encased in it.

Plastic is seen as durable, convenient and suitable, correct?

Unfortunately, we are not really told, too loudly, what the hidden costs of this supposed miracle substance is.

Plastic often contains a substance within it called Phthalate. This is used to make the plastic soft and flexible. However the chilling truth is that this substance disrupts the hormones within our bodies. Hormones operate a delicate balance within and a slight deviation can wreck havoc upon our health. In particular with areas such as our fertility. Fertility issues seem to have increased of late and this is in no doubt a factor in that.
Plastic is now known to leach a compound called BPA. This is found in hard plastics in particular, it has been shown to have damaging effects upon the Brain, Breast and Prostate, though without doubt not exclusively those organs.

On the other side we have Glass.

image of glassGlass is impermeable, which means no damaging substances have the ability to seep through to any product. It can last a long time, excluding if it happens to shatter. Yes, that is perhaps its main perceived down fall, its risk of breakage.
I personally would rather take that little bit extra care with a glass bottle than run the risks of using plastic.

In some cases we can’t control the packaging, but one area we can control is what we use to drink from. We can choose to use a glass bottle through which to drink our water from as opposed to a Plastic bottle.

Doesn’t it even taste nicer, drinking from Glass?

Maybe some food for thought there? You can reuse your Glass bottle, time and time again, without any health fears. You can put your filtered water in the Glass bottle daily, saving you having to buy the overpriced Plastic water bottles.

On an additional note, all you Mothers out there, you can also consider using a Glass bottle for feeding your babies.

Go Glass, let’s nurture our health through choosing Glass over Plastic!